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Catnip Toy with Style | Handmade with love in Germany

Cats are crazy about objects that are constantly moving and they love catnip. For this reason we designed our Minoumi Catnip Toys as a pyramid shape and filled it with our special catnip mix. But our catnip toys does not only ensure enormous joy for our fur noses – the great design and our carefully selected fabrics and patterns are exactly the right thing for stylish cat owners. Never cleaning up before visitors are coming any longer! Minoumi Catnip Toys blend into your interior perfectly and complements your home in modern Scandinavian Style.

The Pyramid Shape

The pyramid shape of our bestsellers big pyramid and small pyramids ensure, that the catnip toy is constantly moving in unexpected directions. Especially the little pyramids are tumbling around all the time, promoting your cat’s urge to hunt. For house cats in particular it is important to maintain the natural hunting instinct with the help of toys. Catnip toys can help to animate and motivate your cats moving over and over again. And what would be nicer than watching your beloved furry friend cuddle and hunting?

Our Ingredients

The Materials

All of the materials of our Minoumi Catnip Toys are carefully picked and composed. The upper material consists of 100% biological cotton with the “Öko Text 100 Standard”. We are only using fabrics that can also be used to make clothes for children and adults. We believe that nowadays cats are members of the family and should therefore be treated just as well as other family members. When our cats are cuddling and playing with Minoumi Catnip Toys, they are exposed to the upper material in direct contact. It is therefore important for us to be able to guarantee that we only use materials of highest quality.

The Filling

Thanks to the fiber filling, our toys are super cozy and soft and ensure therefore extra large fun- and cuddling time. Next to the fluffy fiber filling, the Minoumi Catnip Toys have an extra layer of water-repellent synthetic fleece. This fleece – as a separating layer between the outer material and the fiber filling – ensures that moisture can’t get inside the toy and thus keeps the catnip fresh for longer.

Our Catnip-Mixture

Our special catnip mixture encourages the interest in playing and cuddling of your cat. The effect of catnip can be completely different in cats: Some cats play with catnip toys enthusiastically for a few minutes and then ignore them for a few hours or days. Other cats are very euphoric about catnip toys and do not want to stop cuddling, kicking or hunting the pillows. The effect cannot be foreseen and may also change with the age of the cat. For that reason it is always a great pleasure to watch our furry friends on their first contact with catnip.

Handmade with love in Germany

To guarantee the high quality of our catnip toys, a local production in Germany is important to us. Our toys are not only produced in Germany, they are sewed in the the immediate vicinity of our Minoumi headquarter. This enables us to ensure at all times, that all production processes meet our quality requirements and intervene in the production as required. The high quality of our toys is our first priority.

Which of the toys is the right one for my cat?

Which of our Minoumi toys suits your cats best, depends on several factors. Disposition, urge to move or age – all this can influence the playing behaviour.
Mature and playful cats love the Big Pyramid. It can be kicked, thrown and clasped. Endless stroking and hunting is also possible with the large pyramid. Thanks to the pyramid shape the toy jumps in different and above all unpredictable directions and guarantees because of that long playing fun for your cat.
The Playing Roll is ideal for adult and cuddly cats. The catnip makes the role at the same time a perfect hunting object, especially for larger cats. The size of the roll is ideal for kicking it with the hind paws. But even if your cat gets tired, the Playing Roll is a great companion. The shape of the role is ideal for retreating, clasping, and cuddling with the role.
Small cats and kittens will enjoy our Mini Pyramid Set. The pyramids are smaller, but move just as continuously as the great pyramids, awakening your kitten’s hunting instinct. Of course, our Mini Pyramids are filled with catnip as well. Therefore, big cats like to play with the little pyramids just as joyful as little cats, because they tumble very fast and the size makes them perfect to bite into and carrying around.