Mini Pyramid Set

Small cats and little kittens love our Pyramid Set, consisting of three little pyramids in different patterns. The little pyramids are extra small and move just as incessantly as the Big Pyramids, why they are awakening your kitten’s hunting instinct. Even big cats like to play with the little pyramids, because they tumble around very fast. Moreover the size makes it perfect to bite into and carry around.
High quality materials are important to us! That’s why our toys are made of 100% cotton. A water repellent fleece keeps out moisture and the catnip inside the pillow fresh for longer. The super fluffy stuffing makes the pyramids extra soft and cuddly. All Minoumi Cat Toys are lovingly handmade in Germany. That way we can be sure that our high quality standards are realized.
All designs of each collection are combined in the set of 3. Have you already spotted the other models of our Minoumi Catnip Toys?