Big Pyramid

Especially mature and playful cats love our Big Pyramid. It can be kicked, thrown and clasped. Due to the pyramid shape, the toy flips in different, and above all, unpredictable directions and guarantees therefore longterm fun. But the toy can also be clutched and cuddled extensively by your furry friend. Because of the special catnip mix the Big Pyramid smells irresistibly for your cat. Moreover, the carefully composed designs of our various collections offer wonderful combination possibilities.
High quality materials are very important to us! That’s why our toys are made of 100% cotton. A water repellent fleece keeps out moisture and ensures that the catnip mix stays fresh longer inside the pillow. The super fluffy stuffing makes the Big Pyramid extra soft and cuddly. All Minoumi Cat Toys are lovingly handcrafted in Germany. This way we can be sure that our high quality standards are implemented.
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