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General Information

  • We made the Minoumi designed cat toys to give pleasure for both of the cats and their owners. Cats love to play with our high class cat mint toys – people love the elaborate design. So, the toys perfectly fit into your well designed interior.

  • All Minoumi products are handmade out of high quality materials in Germany. The upper layer of the Minoumi catnip toys consist of 100% cotton with the ecological Öko Tex100 Standard. Under the cotton is a deposit of water repellent fleece. So, the soft wadding and the catnip is protected from too much moisture. All ingredients and materials have been selected carefully and concerted. Our special Minoumi catbip mixture ensures fun for hours.

  • Of course, you should always keep tabs on your cat while playing, since the effect of the catnip on a cat can be very diverse. Some cats start to play enthusiastically with the catnip toys, but don’t consider them afterwards for hours or even days. Other cats react in a really euphoric way and don’t stop to cuddle the pillows, kicking or hunting them. If your cat is as excited as we expect, it could be meaningful to remove the pillows after 30 minutes and to not return them before the next day. Doing so you ensures, that your cat will have fun with the toys for long time.

  • The catnip mixture lightly smells of mint and lime and the most people even don’t notice it. Therefore, for the human nose the smell of the Minoumi toys is rather smooth in a comfortable way than disturbing.

  • After your cat played and cuddled with the Minoumi cat mint pillows, the toys might be a bit wet from the saliva of your cat. Therefore, you should ensure that the pillows have enough time to completely dry. If the pillows are dirty due to the extensive play, it is possible to clean the pyramids and roles carefully with a moist cloth. Of course, the cotton is washable. But you should absolutely abstain from cleaning agent. Otherwise the smell of the cat mint could be covered or falsified.


Payment Methods

  • The payment methods are:

    – Payment in advance

    – Payment via PayPal (advance payment)

    – Payment via Credit Card (advance payment)

    – Purchase on account

  • If you decided to pay in advance, we expect your payment to arrive within 14 days after concluding the contract.

    Purchase on account: If you have selected the payment method “Purchase on account”, the payment will be due within 14 days after the invoice. If you do not comply with this payment term, we will send an e-mail to you to remind you to pay and after a continuing missing payment an admonition (with additional overdue fines).

  • No, there is no minimum order value.


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