About Minoumi

Launched in January 2018 as a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter.com Minoumi – designed cat toys is a brand for cat toys with style.

We designed Minoumi Cat Toys to make cats and humans happy. Cats love playing with our high quality catnip toys, people love the carefully designed shapes, which fit perfectly into the interior of your home. And that makes the difference!

Good design and excellent quality are important to us! Therefore the toys are produced in a local factory in Germany. All of the minoumi products are handmade with love. Therefore we can personally convince at any time, that the production runs exactly according to our wishes and requirements.

The Minoumi team works in Aachen, Germany.

Katze mit großer Pyramide mit Katzenminze
layers of minoumi designed cat toys - cotton, water repellent fleece, fiberfill

Minoumi – designed cat toys stands for excellent quality.
All materials we use are carefully selected and combined by us. The Minoumi cat toys always consist of a water repellent fleece and a layer of 100% cotton (made according to the Oeko Tex100 Standard). These two layers enclose the filling of extra soft, cuddly fiber fill and catnip and make the Minoumi cat toys extremely durable. The fleece also ensures that less moisture gets inside the toy. That way you and your cat will have long fun with our products.

Materialien der Minoumi Katzenminze Spielzeuge

But we do not only think about our fur noses. It is also important to us that our cat toy fits into your home. Stylish design and our carefully selected patterns ensure that the Minoumi toys harmonize with your interior and complement it in a modern and minimalistic scandinavian style. You will never have to put away the cat toys again before visitors are coming over. Your cat is guaranteed to enjoy it!

We know that cats are crazy about catnip and at the same time love objects that are constantly moving. That’s why we designed our Minoumi toys in a pyramid shape. Filled with our special catnip mix, the pyramids provide long-lasting fun with your cat. We did not choose the shape of our toys by accident: the pyramids can be charmed and hunted at the same time. While cuddling, they cling wonderfully to your kitten and can be clasped. In the wild game and hunting, however, they move incessantly and provide movement. Especially for domestic cats, it is incredibly important to keep moving. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to encourage cozy fur noses to play. Here our special catnip mix can help, as it increases the interest of your cats in the toys. The catnip mixture contains dried flowers and leaves of various types of catnip. The leaves, stems and flowers contain actinidin and nepetalactone, which make the smell irresistible to cats.
The flowers of catnip can have different colors – from white to pink to purple. The leaves of the catnip smell slightly of mint and lemon.

Description of Catnip Composition