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Cats go crazy when an object is constantly moving — and they love catnip. For this reason we designed our Minoumi cat toys as a triangular pyramid and filled it with our special catnip mix, embedded in high-quality cotton. Cats just love it!

But the best part is: While your cat is having fun, you can enjoy the marvelous design of the Minoumi products.

Made in Germany

We care for great design and high quality. For this reason, we decided to produce our toys locally. Our catnip toys are handmade with love in Germany. The local producer of our choice is a small business close to our headquarters in the beautiful city of Aachen, Germany.

Introducing Minoumi
Designed Cat Toys

Minoumi combines two of our favorite things: Cats and Design.
In our opinion most cat toys aren’t well designed and look pretty boring in general. Therefore we designed a new series of catnip toys.

Our cat toys come in three different shapes: The Big Pyramid, the mixed Mini Pyramid set with three small pyramids and the Playing Roll. The combination of different layers and our special catnip mix make our product durable, stylish and unique. And most importantly, all our toys are cat-approved!

Please visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about the different shapes and patterns of the Minoumi cat toys!

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